Boccadamo is an essence of quintessential Italian style. The origins of the company date back to the eighties, when Boccadamo began manufacturing jewelry using precious and semiprecious stones. The turning point in the company's development was 1998 and the opening of its very own factory in Frosinone, near Rome. Every collection of Boccadamo is recognised worldwide for its unique and beautiful design, high quality of production and an exceptional attention to detail – values that make this brand treasured by those whom appreciate beautiful aesthetics and artistic character of the jewelry. In 2006, company has introduced the most significant and elaborate collection to date, Boccadamo Jewels, reflecting the style, quality and value of the Made in Italy hallmark. For many years now, Boccadamo has been working with Swarovski International, designing collections using the most precious and finest quality pearls and crystals. Beauty and quality: Boccadamo jewelry is a perfect choice for every woman that loves style and elegance.

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